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Get MPEG-2 footage into FCPX

So.. you got that important video from somebody. He gave you the files and asked politely “just do it NOW!”. Video is stored nicely in some MPEG-2 based transport stream files (typical thing with some Canon, SONY, whatever… cameras). You … Continue reading

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Eh… woes of an Android “switcher”

To make the long (many hours) story short – if you suffer from “this account isn’t being synced”/“sync disabled”/“sync is experiencing problems” syndrome on your Android device and miss important events due to the fact that calendar entries entered on … Continue reading

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Why I just can’t stand AppleEdgeResize…

Summary: Since OS X 10.7 there is a “new” way of resizing windows across the whole OS. It mimics one of the most un-productive inventions made for some other operating systems. Not only it is distracting when the cursor/pointer constantly … Continue reading

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