Why I just can’t stand AppleEdgeResize…

Since OS X 10.7 there is a “new” way of resizing windows across the whole OS. It mimics one of the most un-productive inventions made for some other operating systems. Not only it is distracting when the cursor/pointer constantly changes its shape when being moved close to the window’s edges but this approach bears also many other Usability issues. Among many of them, the most annoying are:

  • unwanted window resizing whenever window move was intended (lost productivity, time, focus… the user has to first resize the window back to its intended size and only then try again to move it: smooth workflow broken)
  • unwanted window resizing whenever click’n drag/selecting text portion close to the window’s edge was intended (lost time, focus, nerves, … the user has to stop what she was doing, resize the window back and only then try to select the text again – slowly and accurately: smooth workflow broken)
  • unwanted changes of the cursor/pointer shape stealing attention
  • lack of visual clue, whether the window is actually resizable or not. The user has to employ a trial-and-error approach in order to know whether the window is resizable or not instead of knowing it beyond any doubt thanks to the presence (or lack of) of the “resize” gadget in the lower-right corner of the window

Steps to Reproduce:
Try to work quickly and effectively, doing many operations with windows – organising, resizing, moving, selecting parts of the contents, etc.

Expected Results:
The OS doesn’t “get in the way”. It presents unambiguous clues about resizability of the windows, doesn’t distract, doesn’t steal attention and helps the user by preventing common unwanted actions from happening

Actual Results:
The OS unnecessarily steals attention (unnecessary visual distractions) and time needed to correct the results of common, unwanted actions that could be easily prevented from happening. The OS steals time needed to verify by trial-and-error whether given window or windows is/are resizable

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