Woes of an Android “switcher” – continued

OK – so here’s another one. If you run e.g. one of the Samsung Android phones and suddenly realise that you don’t receive any notifications whenever new text message (SMS based) arrives, and you tried everything, including rebooting, taking out battery, wiping cache partitions (Gosh! How Microsoft® Windows™ – alike all this is), every trick you read on the web or remember from your Symbian/Windows times, and still no luck (and no SMS messages notifications) – then…

When everything else fails, you may still try the one below. It helped restoring proper SMS messages notifications from the built-in “Messaging” application on a Galaxy S4 mini.

The thing you’d never thought of… Google’s “Hangouts” (how “socially” desperate Google has to be in order to invent such  names for their applications/services?!). Find Google’s “Hangouts” application (hint: it might be in a folder called “useless stuff” or it might be one of those that don’t show in the list of applications because you decided long time ago to hide it), open it and double check if you haven’t happily agreed (and even more happily forgot about it) to the irresistible offer to receive SMS messages with “Hangouts”. Of course at the time when you agreed, you thought it would be like with any other SMS application you can find in the Android Market… erm… “Playstore” or whatever it is called now, even if there are many people who never “played” with anything from there. Unfortunately this time you were wrong. Google’s “Hangouts” in its ultimate desperation to take over Facebook messaging, takes over all your incoming SMS activity on the way. And if you turned off notifications there (because you thought that whatever application you are going to use in the end, will notify you anyway) then you are out of  luck and Samsung’s “Messaging” will not inform you about incoming SMS messages, regardless of how many times you try to turn its notification settings “on”.

What you have to do in such case is to disable receiving SMS with Google’s “Hangouts”. After that you can safely hide it again or keep it in the “useless” folder…

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