Give me my Save As… back!!

No, I don’t want any “Duplicate”. I don’t want to duplicate anything! The work I have done on the file makes it different than the original file. NOT A DUPLICATE! I want to simply Save [my work] As… [different file]. Understood, Apple?! NO, I don’t want to push Command + Shift + Option + S (thanks God somebody kicked your butt so that at least the function is back there again!) – this is not a convenient shortcut for one of the often used functions. Neither is fiddling with mouse and keyboard (alt key) at the same time. Will you get it?

So much for the rant. Now a (partial but still good) solution to this small part of Apple’s-After-Leopard loss of reason, by tjluoma:

$ defaults write -globalDomain NSUserKeyEquivalents -dict-add 'Save As...' '@$S'

Gosh… thank you TJ!

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