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Fix Finder’s contextual “Services” menu

I sometimes add or remove “services” to my ~/Library/Services directory. Unfortunately this alone doesn’t make the changes being reflected in the menu… It might be caused by the fact that I keep things I want to have on all machines … Continue reading

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Give me my Save As… back!!

No, I don’t want any “Duplicate”. I don’t want to duplicate anything! The work I have done on the file makes it different┬áthan the original file. NOT A DUPLICATE! I want to simply Save [my work] As… [different file]. Understood, … Continue reading

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Why I just can’t stand AppleEdgeResize…

Summary: Since OS X 10.7 there is a “new” way of resizing windows across the whole OS. It mimics one of the most un-productive inventions made for some other operating systems. Not only it is distracting when the cursor/pointer constantly … Continue reading

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phpMyAdmin blank page after login using Safari

It took quite a bit of time… Using Safari 5.1.9 on OSX 10.6.8, logging into phpMyAdmin After installing ubuntu 13.04 server with PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin everything seemed fine until I tried to log-in. I received blank page only. … Continue reading

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CBM Quick Look generator – reloaded

CBM Quick Look generator got rewritten from scratch and updated with tons of features. It got even its own page on the web ­čśë

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Another bad day of Apple software update…

Today – out of a sudden – I thought about “verifying / repairing permissions” on a 10.6 machine… $┬ádiskutil repairPermissions / Should be all I need to know that everything is just fine, right? Well – wrong! Started verify/repair permissions … Continue reading

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CBM QuickLook generator

Right, I eventually got enough of all the tedious work required only to check the content of a D64 (D71, D81) image file… Here comes fresh from the oven a new QuickLook generator designed for the CBM disk image archive … Continue reading

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